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Model: FIC-15HV

15" Brushless High Voltage Fan

EMP's popular 15″ electric fan has developed a high-voltage option. It has already shown great promise being integrated into several OEM cooling systems. These fans run on a voltage range of 450 - 850V and 1.5 - 3kw of power. Utilizing SmartFlow® technology, the new HV fans and components can be CAN controlled with variable speed and are diagnostics capable.

FiC-15 HV Front view
FiC-15 HV Side View
High Voltage 15" Fan Performance

Features & Benefits

Improved Vehicle Architecture

HV components can create space in several ways, but the most notable is the elimination of DC-to-DC converters. Due to its power and heat output, a converter dedicated to the cooling system in-turn needs its own cooling system. Removing that converter not only eliminates its own weight and added wiring complexity, but it also removes the additional cooling system.


Type Specification Description
Airflow 2,000 CFM @ 1.0 inch H20
Overall Package Weight 19 lbs
Operating Temperature -40 to 203° F
Storage Temperatures -58° to 257° F
Sealing Rating IP6K9K
Low Voltage Range 9 - 32 VDC
High Voltage Range 450 - 850 VDC
Low Voltage Connection TE 5ATM 12 Pin w/ bonding wire
High Voltage Connection TE HV280A style w/HVIL
Low Voltage Current 200 mA @ 24 V 203° F
High Voltage Current 3 Amps Continuous @ 450 V, 203° F
Fan Speed Range 500 - 4350 RPM
Finger Guard Protection SAE J1308
Control Inputs SAE J1939-11 Autobaud CAN Communication

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