EMP manufactures and develops a variety of products primarily for the diesel engine and automotive vehicle markets. These products include high precision machined and assembled conventional components for the OEM market, and advanced patented products developed by EMP to help improve engine efficiency and decrease emissions and operational costs.

Electric Components

EMP provides electric components to a wide array of industries throughout the world. These proprietary components can be sold as stand alone units or used in conjuction with one another in a custom electric system designed by EMP.

Electric Systems

EMP has developed several systems utilizing their proprietary electric components designed in-house and tested in the field. EMP's systems can be utilized for primary and secondary engine cooling, oil management, and other thermal management needs.

Machined Components

EMP's precision machining capabilities allows the company to machine the most complex parts. EMP machines parts to the customers specifications and quality requirements. You can learn more about EMP's machining capabilities or view examples of parts currently machined.

Assembled Components

EMP has the capability to assemble very simple components to highly complex components, including both low volume and high volume applications. EMP has the capability of assembling and testing both mechanical and electrical components and systems. View some examples of our assemblies below.