Research & Development

A Strong Core

EMP is focused on maintaining and protecting its' technology edge.

One of the core strengths of EMP is our commitment to developing and patenting new technologies and next generation thermal and oil management components and systems. As a result, EMP is delivering products that have a substantial technology and performance lead over any competing products in the market. We are equally committed to maintaining this technology lead by continuing our rich history of innovation and development of industry-recognized “breakthrough” solutions.

We have made a significant commitment (time, money, and people) to research and development and we are clearly determined to maintain our product and technology edge and leadership position.

R&D Staff

Our technical staff has been the primary driver in EMP’s rapid ascent to market leadership. Since EMP prioritized the strategy of technology development in the mid 1990’s, we have attracted top industry talent in fluid mechanics, engine design and other important technologies. This technical leadership has propelled EMP into new markets, such as oil sands and municipal transit bus. Responding quickly to customer needs drive application specific changes to core EMP products and technologies. Customer input drives specific technology development strategies, which are unique to the needs and events of each customer or industry.


EMP has expanded its R&D facilities to include expertise in New Product Launch capabilities. The Product Launch capability serves as an incubator for the emerging product demand in today’s marketplace. We also enjoy extensive high volume manufacturing and assembly facilities, with advanced automation and robotics in Michigan and Indiana, to accommodate new product expansion and growth.


EMP has in place the most advanced test equipment on the market today. This equipment is used significantly across multiple product lines and is the key to maintaining the Company’s historical reputation for rapid design and development. Equipment includes items such as component and system vibration testers, reliability testers, DTM rapid development center, advanced engineering computer workstations and over (90) proprietary software programs.

Outsourced Test Resources

We enjoy relationships with outsourced test resources, which are primarily comprised of very expensive facilities with a solid reputation in the marketplace. These facilities are used periodically for data acquisition and metrics needed to provide valid test data to current and prospective customers. An example would be the use of a wind tunnel and/or environmental/emissions test facilities.

Intellectual Property

EMP has always prioritized the protection of its intellectual property with U.S. patents, trademarks and licensing. Licensing is an important part of our business strategy as we move into non-traditional markets with large demand for our advanced thermal and oil management technologies.

Government Programs

We have earned a solid reputation with government officials in multiple agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. We are in continuing discussions with these and other government agencies regarding advancement of various EMP technologies. Our technology enables and offers significant benefits to the United States in terms of energy efficiency, emissions reduction and improved safety.

Customer Co-Development

We foster close relationships with the research and development teams of our leading customers. These relationships have historically been a key factor in obtaining high volume, long-term programs.