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EMP Power Series of Alternators Get Even Better

Published Date: 2/11/2019

Escanaba --  EMP (Engineered Machined Products, Inc.) announced an update to its popular high-output alternator line with new Extended Life Bearings. This updated component for the industry-leading Power 450™ and 535™ alternators increase bearing change intervals dramatically. In turn, this extended life translates to a significant savings in alternator maintenance costs.

  • Alternator bearing life is increased to a minimum of 17,500 operating hours
  • Fewer bearing change intervals over the life of the alternator
  • Increases alternator maintenance savings by up to 50%

EMP’s alternator series has been in the transit market since 2007, and has become standard for OEM’s and aftermarket applications across the nation.  As its presence within transit has grown, the engineering team noticed an opportunity for improvement that other alternators in the market were not meeting.

For the past three years, EMP engineers have worked with suppliers to develop a more robust set of alternator bearings for the Power 450™ and 535™ series. These can better endure the requirements of large, high-output alternators, and the exposure of demanding environments. Both in-field and highly accelerated in-house testing of the new long life bearings have proven successful even beyond expectations, more than doubling the life of current bearings.  This extended life significantly reduces alternator maintenance, saving customers upwards of 50%.

About EMP: Established in 1981 with a focus on manufacturing, EMP evolved to offer advanced cooling components and systems which entered the transit industry in 2006.  Now, as the leader in electric cooling systems and components, EMP is trusted on all OEM and aftermarket transit applications.


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