Job Description

Journeyman Tool Maker
Skilled Trade
Manufacturing: Escanaba, MI
2nd Shift

Looking for a Certified Journeyman Tool Maker.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

•Must have working knowledge of work holding and fixturing.
•Must have skills and technical knowledge to run manual lathes, mills, grinders, broaches, hones, heat treat and other manual equipment.
•Must have skills and technical knowledge to program and run CNC lathe, vertical, and horizontal equipment.
•Must possess mathematical skills to complete work in both the English and Metric systems, as well as converting between the two systems.
•Must have working knowledge of metal types, understand what types of metals are being used, and know the different properties of each metal type.
•May be required to work with Maintenance or Tool Design Engineers to determine appropriate materials to be used for specific jobs.
•Must have the ability to read blueprints and manufacture the components per the print. Typically blueprints will be for fixture components (e.g. clamps, work holding items) but may include other components as well (e.g. maintenance spare parts).
•Must have the ability to read assembly blueprints and assemble fixtures or other pieces of equipment per the print. Must have the ability to plumb fixtures (e.g. hydraulic components) per the print.
•May be required to assist with problem solving on fixtures during the design and build stage. Must work with Engineering and provide guidance on improving the function and safety of fixture designs.
•Assists with problem solving and correction of fixtures posing issues on the production floor. This may include repair or rebuild of fixtures and work holding equipment.
•Must interact with other Toolmakers and Design Engineers to understand project priorities.
•Works with Maintenance as required to repair fixtures or components on the production floor.
•Must be able to communicate with other departments to assist with problems, make new components, or brainstorm improvement ideas.
•Must keep work space and equipment in clean and working condition by doing daily cleaning and inspection.
•May be called on in cases where overtime is demanded to complete the job in an efficient, timely, and correct manner.

Education and/or Experience
High School diploma; or two to four years related experience and / or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Four years schooling and hours on a Federal Approved Apprenticeship program. Journeyman card required.

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