Automated Machining & Assembly

Automated Machining & Assembly

With a dedicated automation team on staff, EMP is able to develop and integrate robust automated processes for the manufacturing of your product with unparalleled lead times. A high priority is placed on flexibility, allowing the customer to be able to make part model changes or additions at minimal extra cost and hassle.

By teaming up their 150+ automated CNC machines with over 45 robots, in-process inspection equipment, assembly machines, leak testers, and part washers, EMP has been and continues to be a world leader in automated manufacturing. The EMP team has developed advanced and highly automated manufacturing processes including:

  • High speed, high volume automotive style parts with annual volumes exceeding 600,000
  • Lower to mid volume, high changeover cells that combine automated machine tending, automated gaging, automated deburring, washing, and machine vision confirmation of features
  • Complex multi-step assembly systems combining washing, leak testing, fastening, and sub component assembly
  • In process gaging and automatic tool wear compensation to the tightest of tolerances
  • In process automated leak testing
  • Automated de-flashing and grinding of low pressure permanent mold aluminum products
  • Large parts with ergonomic challenges

To see some other videos that highlight EMP's automated manufacturing capabilities, please click on the following links:

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