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EMP Launches Robust Air Cooled 535A, 28V Brushless Alternator

Published Date: 5/26/2015


Engineered Machined Products Inc. (EMP) continues its launch of advanced technologies to deliver higher power and performance while improving operating efficiencies.

The EMP Power 535 Brushless Alternator delivers an impressive 325 Amps at idle, with proven durability to perform under the harshest of commercial conditions. High efficiency enables the Power 535 to run cooler thereby achieving a longer life. The Power 535 is ground isolated and has an electrical noise suppression feature to provide clean electrical power. Equipped with the same innovative oversized robust bearings as EMP’s field proven Power 450 brushless alternator, the Power 535 has a 4” air inlet duct to maximize air cooling.

EMP’s Power 535 Brushless Alternator advantages:

• 535A, 28V Brushless Alternator
• High Performance – 325 Amps at Idle
• High Efficiency – 83%
• Isolated Ground
• 4” Air Inlet Duct
• Electrical Noise Suppression
• Cradle Mount Alternator
• Air Cooled – Eliminates Hazardous Oil Leaks
• Oversized Bearings
• Corrosion Resistant
• Low Inertia Advantage
• Reduces Battery Failure 

Ideal markets include Transit Bus, Mining, and On-Highway, Off-Highway, Power Generation and many other Specialty applications.

EMP is an engineering and manufacturing leader in complex precision machining and advanced thermal and oil management technologies. Based in Escanaba, Michigan, EMP products are used globally by transit bus (OEM & Aftermarket), major diesel engine OEM’s and hydraulics manufacturers. For more information, please visit EMP’s website at, or call EMP Customer Service at 906.789.7497.